The CNG Evo compressor from Coltri in Italy is...


The CNG Evo compressor from Coltri in Italy is specifically designed for eco-friendly fuel refilling and is suitable for individual use in private cars as well as for small vehicle fleets. This model represents "green charging" and emphasizes Coltri's commitment to supporting sustainable energy solutions.

The CNG-EVO compressor from Aerotecnica Coltri, designed for natural and biogas, offers a delivery rate of 85 to 330 L/min, ideal for home use, agriculture, and filling pressure vessels. With options for 230V single-phase or 400V three-phase, it adapts to various requirements. Equipped with features like input filters, auto-stop, digital displays, and a methane gas warning system, it ensures safety and efficiency. The robust 3-stage compressor, supported by centrifugal lubrication and corrosion-resistant components, represents a durable and reliable solution for gas compression needs.

Variations in:
  • Filling capacity
Filling capacity 
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