Nitrox Compressors

Nitrox compressors are specialized screw compressors used for the production of Nitrox, an oxygen-enriched breathing air. Nitrox, commonly used in the diving industry, offers longer no-decompression limits compared to regular breathing air and reduces the risk of decompression sickness. However, it's essential that Nitrox is produced correctly and safely to avoid potential hazards. The production of Nitrox using Nitrox compressors is done in conjunction with a breathing air compressor and a special oxygen membrane. The breathing air compressor draws in the breathing air supplied by the screw compressor and compresses it, while the oxygen membrane serves to increase the oxygen content in the breathing air.

The LP Rotary Silent 250 Nitrox/Oxygen system with screw compressor for compressed air/Nitrox, allows for adjusting the oxygen content between 32-36% for compressors up to 315l/min and 232/300bar. It includes an integrated oxygen analysis device and extensive accessories, a 7.5kw three-phase motor, 950l/min delivery performance, and the Parker Enoxy SA 708 membrane.

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